How to Santa-ize Your Baby.

You know what's cute? Babies. Use this tutorial to bring a little adorable into your holiday celebration. There's nothing funnier than a giggling baby with a beard. Plus, the cottonballs add extra absorption for all that holiday food spillage.

What you’ll need

  • a baby
  • a baby bib
  • cotton balls
  • some form of adhesive

Step 1

Find a baby (preferably your own, or one you know).

Step 2

Grab a baby bib, some cotton balls (preferably the jumbo variety), and glue or tape (depending on how much you like the bib and how permanent you’d like your beard to be).

Step 3

Attach cotton balls to the bib.

Step 4

Apply bib to baby.

Step 5 (optional)

Apply Santa hat.