How to Make Cute Holiday Decorations!

It’s no secret that 85%* of holiday cheer comes from the decor. You know what I’m talking about ... the plastic, life-size snowmen and glitter-covered snowflakes that leave trails of sparkle everywhere (not that there’s anything wrong with glitter, don’t get me wrong), all of which take over every storefront at approximately 11:59 p.m. on October 31st. And while these decorations will turn any space into a wintery wonderland, sometimes it’s nice to add a more personal touch.

*This statistic was completely made up for the purpose of these instructions.

My “Holitiri How-To” will give instructions and suggestions for making homemade signs to personalize your space.



Most of these can be purchased at a craft store, some items may be found in more ... creative locations.

  • any size wooden plank
  • two colors of multi-surface paint (one for base coat and one for top coat)
  • sponge brush (at least 2)
  • blank white paper
  • glue
  • water
  • computer and printer

Optional Extras

  • gold-leafing paint
  • glitter (as much or as little as you’d like)
  • other wintery crafting accessories

sign examples

Step 1

Prepare your space by putting down newspaper and pouring paint into separate plastic bowls.

Step 2

Using one of the sponge brushes, brush the base color over the front of the wood plank, covering the entire surface. Also cover the sides of the wood in the same color. Wait for this to dry (approximately 30-60 minutes).

Step 3

While waiting for the paint to dry, in a Word document, type out what you’d like your sign to say. Increase the font size to a size that allows the sign viewer to see the words but also fits on the sign. Print out the document and cut the paper into boxes around each line.

Step 4

After paint is dry, either wash the first sponge brush, or use another brush to paint the top coat in the other color. When painting the top coat, brush in soft strokes so that the paint does not cover the entire surface, leaving the base coat to show through the top. Wait 30-60 minutes for this to dry.

Step 5

After the paint is dry, lay out paper strips on the wood in the order you’d like them to be. Prepare the glue mixture by combining all-purpose glue with a small amount of water so that the mixture is clear and runny when you dip a brush in. Swirl the water and glue together using a new sponge brush (one that has not been used to paint).

Step 6

Use the glue and water mixture to paint on the back of each paper strip, and lay it where you’d like it on the wood. After you’ve glued and laid all the paper out (the paper may be slightly soggy), smooth it down. Then, paint the glue / water mixture over the entire board. Let dry for at least 2-3 hours.

Step 7

Add other wintery decor to the sign. Hang up the sign and wait for others to admire!