How to Make "Good" Light Decorations.

Let's be honest: Any light decorations are good decorations. Twinkling in the night, wrapped around a festive tree, bouncing off a snowscape, holiday lights set the mood for the season. I have memories of sitting in the back seat of the car yelling to my parents "Please just one more neighborhood!" or "Drive slower!" as we drove around looking at our neighbors' festive and outrageous set-ups. I remember looking up on the roof as my dad scaled it to hang our standard icicle lights in the freezing wind, wondering why he wanted to spoil the fun by refusing to climb the 30-ft. tree in our front yard to wrap endless strands of lights around its branches. Ahh, the holiday spirit. Anyway, this is how we at Palantir used our lights to spread our not-so-subtle message to make good this season.

What you'll need

  • strands of lights, about 2 per letter (any color or size, avoid icicle lights)
  • Command Hooks
  • masking or painter's tape


  1. Measure the window or area where you want to spell out your message. We knew we would have four letters, and we had four windows in which to hang them.
  2. After measuring your area, determine how large each letter should be, and mask out that area on the floor.
  3. Form the letter on the floor by making the shape with the strands and folding the strand over on itself to make the letterform thicker. Be sure to leave a little extra length to reach the plug.
  4. Using the tape, wrap the strands together and form a decently solid letterform.
  5. Using a step stool, a friend's help, and safety, position the letter where you want to hang it. If you are placing them in windows like we did, make sure you are placing the letter in the correct direction so those outside can read it.
  6. The sticky hooks should hold the main supports of the letters. The top center of each letter, and any corners or long cross sections should have a hook.
  7. Use the tape to shape the rest of the letter properly, better secure than sorry.
  8. Plug in and view your holiday message.