How to Build a Good Website.

This is a colophon for our little Holiday site. It will tell you all the pieces and parts that came together to make the site.

This site was created by Ashley Cyborski using Sculpin. Sculpin is a static site generator written in PHP that converts markdown files and formats twig templates into static HTML files. We used Masonry for the responsive cards on the landing page.

The css was written in Sass that was compiled using compass. I attempted to follow the SMACSS naming guidelines. All of this was done using the Sublime Text 2 editor. I also used Zen-grids and Breakpoint mixins to help make this site look good in all types of browsers.

This site uses two fonts, Proxima Nova, mostly in the body, and Freight Micro Pro, mostly for titles. Both are served via Typekit. Some of the images used were taken from Flickr under the Creative Commons Attribution license. All pages with such photos have attributions at the bottom of the page. The share functionality is provided via ShareThis.

Each team member at Palantir represented on this site contributed their own unique content. Thanks for your help team! Problems with this site? I'm Ashley Cyborski. Blame me. Or if something is spelled wrong, blame Sally Stegeman Faust.