How to Make Wintery Nail Art!

'Tis the season to don your favorite festive outfit and celebrate with friends and family. What better way to accessorize than with a little polish on your nails? You'll brighten everyone's holiday spirit with this simple and festive nail art.

What you will need

  • two colors of nail polish
  • masking tape or Scotch tape
  • striping tape (Optional)

Step 1

Apply your base color.

Step One

Step 2

Let your nails dry completely. If they are still tacky when you try to remove the tape, it will pull the base color up with it.

Step 3

Tape off the part of your nails you want to paint with the second color.

Step Three

Step 4

Apply the second color to the exposed part of your nail.

Step Four

Step 5

Remove the tape.

Step Five

Step 6

You can stop here and apply your top coat or apply some striping tape for a little extra flair.

Step Six

Now your nails are ready for the holidays!