How to Make a Box of Love.

Use this to show someone how much you really care about them. The holidays are a time of giving, and this is an inexpensive, but heartfelt way to let your loved one know you truly appreciate them. It is very flexible and can be a fun, exciting, and creative gift.


  • a box which may be wrapped as a present (recommended size: smaller than a shoebox and bigger than a watch box)
  • pen
  • stationery or blank cards (between five to seven pages or cards)
  • wrapping paper
  • tape


Think about one thing you can say, give, or do for the person receiving the box of love. See Ideas below. Write that one thing on a piece of stationery or card. Place the item into the box. The box is now a box of love. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until you have 5 to 7 items in the box. Wrap this box as a gift and give it to your loved one. As your loved one opens the box, explain that it is a box of love and how they may redeem any of the items of love at any time.

Ideas for what to put in the box

Most items are commitments by you to do something for or with your loved one. Some may be redeemed by them, some may be a promise to do something on a certain date. Here are some ideas. Please add to them as you like.

  • a poem for them or about them
  • a reading of a favorite poem to them
  • a commitment to holding hands more
  • a night out at a favorite restaurant
  • time viewing their favorite movie together
  • a warm memory you have about them
  • a list of things you appreciate about them
  • making cup of tea
  • time for a drive together
  • a note with words of affirmation for them
  • a back massage or shoulder rub
  • time at a coffee shop together
  • a promise to do a chore usually done by your loved one
  • a card for a cup of coffee
  • a promise to give your loved one several small gifts over the next week/month


Photo courtesy of Flickr user RoyZilla92 under the Creative Commons Attribution license..