How to Unwrap Holiday Presents.

We've all seen the aftermath of a gift-opening extravaganza. You can cut down on the chaos and add a little green to your holiday party. These instructions are guaranteed to leave you with an unwrapped gift and some reusable pieces for your next project.

How to unwrap holiday presents

  1. Find a present with your name on it.

  2. If it is tied with ribbon:

    • slide the ribbon off of the present if possible.
    • if the ribbon is tied in a knot, carefully untie the knot.
    • do not discard the ribbon!
  3. Locate the tape on the wrapping paper and devise a strategy for tape removal, then:

    • if the wrapping paper is glossy, you can probably peel off the tape without ripping the paper.
    • if the paper has a matte finish, it is best to cut the tape with an Xacto tool or the blade of a scissors.
  4. After the tape is removed, open the box and enjoy your present!

  5. Save the wrapping paper and ribbon for future crafty projects, or until you wonder why on earth you are saving so much used wrapping paper.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user jdg32373 under the Creative Commons Attribution license.